Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Street Art in Paris - 2

Here's some more.

A Mesnager and a little Rat-Bastard sprayed on top (that's what I decided to call him). Told you that guy is everywhere. It looks like M. Chat but apparently isn't (the guys on this link are called PhotoGraff Collectif, guess what they do).

All is well, Josh is back. Well, not the best stuff out there but I like the hat and the phallic nose.

Classic Octopus-Invader.

You may not see it but, in pseudo Cyrillic alphabet, it reads Raspouteam. Very clever.

Yep, it's a seahorse.

Adding good humour at the café.

It says: ''let's stop spying on each other''.

Another THTF production, Beaubourg in the background.

That's it for now.

Just to mention one thing I noticed while I was exploring, walking, skating round: Paris is beautiful and has nice street art and all that but if you see enough places you'll notice a lot of people living on the street. Next to some of these pictures there are the beginnings of shanty towns or people sleeping in boxes. It's easier to notice at night because then these people are the only ones left in the street. There you go, just an observation. I don't know any statistics or trends but it's always pretty shocking.