Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Street Art in Paris - 1

I've been exploring Paris a little bit and I've decided to document the slightly less common street art out here. By that I mean anything that's sort of interesting and *not* graffiti. Yes, bigotry indeed.

Anyway, here's a fraction of what I've seen. The quality of the pictures isn't great (even when they're not horribly overexposed because I forgot I'd maxed the ISO setting on my camera) but I hope they'll give you an idea.

I guess to be documenting this stuff seriously I should really have the addresses to all these works. But I haven't, so there. Will try to put them in the future.

Well, yes okay, this is graffiti and not particularly great. It sort of looks like a cartoon. Anyhow just put it here for documentary purposes: this guy is having a ball at the moment (beginning 2010). This animal-ting is all over the place.

This I quite liked. The top picture is how the wall looks today. Before it was washed, however, some guy had sprayed four lines which I have attempted to Gimp on the bottom picture. A mix of caveman use of texture and Japanese spareness of lines. I thought it was worth making a digital simulation of this thing! Am feeling like a proper histo-archeo-graffer now!

Hm, poster CCTV now...

Ooh, bigger CCTV there, and some messy shit.

Interesting assortment here: some graffiti, a poster, a little Invader peeking out and also some trompe l'oeil...

A scribble, THTF house and a 2D Rubik's cube.

Man versus meteorite.

Yeah, could be.
Insanely overexposed sorry. I like the head, also THTF.

Quite like this one. There's a few other similar looking things around, will try to document them.

What were they thinking?? And you may not realise from this picture but the whole street was splattered with paint. Better angle on the next picture.

Rough translation: 'posh art is for wankers'...

Funny one here. An Invader hit by lightning.

Detail from the previous picture. Someone added a tasteful slash there.

Hard to see but it's a fish skeleton.

Another cool character in the same area.

That's it for this post.